Greeting the Sun – Yoga in the Desert

Good morning from Tucson, Arizona. I’m getting at it early this morning before it gets too hot.

Sunrise Yoga in Tucson, Arizona

We are still waiting for our annual monsoon to arrive here in the Sonoran Desert. At  5 am it is 82 degrees and and humid. The air is heavy – a good monsoon omen.

Sunrise yoga - perfect way to start the day

It’s a great morning to be outside practicing to the sweet music of birdsong and wind chimes and I’m grateful for it.

Thow in a delicious cup of double spice chai tea and vibrantly hued flowers and I’m in a little patch of paradise.



I hope, wherever you are, that your day is filled with sunshine and love, and is everything you need it to be.

Namaste from the desert 🙏❤️

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