Week 1 Backyard Remodel

Week 1 of our backyard remodel is finished and a lot of progress has been made. The grass has been cleared, trenches dug and block for the seating and retaining walls has been delivered and is ready for installation.

Bella and Rylee soaking up the sun in the area that used to be grass.

Holy cow – I knew this remodel was going to be a messy process but I totally underestmated how messy. Keeping six dogs clean for the next three weeks is going to be impossible. With all the dirt and dust tracking in to the house my vacuum has become my best friend.

Goodbye grass – removing sod isn’t easy or pretty. And very messy – the dogs keep bringing clumps of it into the house.
The backyard looks a lot different with no grass.
So happy with the Talavera tile we chose to accent the brick and block work – it’s called Guadalajara.
Troy painting a new privacy screen for the jacuzzi.

And even through the mess and dirt things are beginning to take shape. Watching our vision emerge is a lot of fun and it will totally be worth it in the end.

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One thought on “Week 1 Backyard Remodel

  1. It looks great and so relaxing. I can imagine how much you will both enjoy
    It’s use especially this summer. You have designed a yard that is beautiful


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